September 08, 2022

15 Simple Strategies to Increase Your eCommerce Revenue

Nicolina Savelli

The global eCommerce industry is constantly changing and growing. Over the last 3 years, eCommerce as a sales channel for the home furnishings and furniture industry absolutely skyrocketed. But as we transition beyond COVID lockdowns and into a different consumer market, how can eCommerce shops stay highly relevant?

Online businesses need to understand the current eCommerce trends in order to stay competitive. This article describes the top eCommerce trends every eCommerce manager needs to know in 2023 and how to increase your revenue through this channel. We are also exploring a possible future for eCommerce. Discover the best ways of increasing efficiency and providing high-quality shopping experiences.

1. Stand out with video ads

Peak sales periods are a very competitive time to advertise in retail. Reduce blind spots with interactive ads and promote a campaign through paid networks. Interactive advertising allows brands to create unique advertising experiences that improve conversions and increase revenue. The ads differ in a way to encourage consumers to engage in advertisements which usually include multimedia such as audio and videos. Interactive video advertising increases advertising effectiveness by 47% compared to static non-interactive ads.

Live Furnish also makes it possible for you to create video content for your marketing and advertising channels that highlight your products such as furniture, textiles, lighting and more.

Textiles-Pillows-Interactive-Video-Ad Textiles-Pillows-Interactive-Video-Ad

2. Retargeting

First-time visitors to this site are more likely to buy the product at a later date. Retargeting involves monitoring the visitors on your site in hopes that you return them with an advertisement. If visitors visit your website again, it will be much better for the customer to buy. In order to effectively manage retargeted ads be sure the ads are specific. What products do consumers want? Please ensure the advertising is for that product and links to the product page.

3. Organic and paid social media marketing

Sometimes organic reach doesn't help an eCommerce business; it might even be necessary to pay. This includes advertising on Facebook and other social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and TikTok. Depending upon social networks, ads are displayed in different formats. They need to get tested to see if it works.

Optimize your digital strategy 

We know you can improve sales conversion rate via the optimization of product pages. But what about beyond your website? Multichannel marketing is one of the best methods of increasing sales and conversions e.g. Facebook ads or online sales ads on Google. By incorporating the right visual content and copy, your website has a greater chance at seeing more qualified traffic and higher conversions.

4. Conversion Rate Optimization

How do I convert more visitors into customers on my website using conversion optimization? It is worth a lot of work to generate traffic and make money. Traffic without revenue will never exist. How should you optimize your eCommerce site for better sales?

Live chat converts site visitors exactly like a sales assistant in an online shop.

Chatbots as personal assistants

Chatbot technology is able to connect to users faster and can be used for other things such as assistants for users. The chatbot helps streamline the buying experience, from purchase to retention. In particular, a chatbot can send out promotions that convert consumers into engaging prospects. It also answers questions, pulls out customer reviews and gives advice on buying products. The global chat bot market reached $39 billion in 2021. The demand for prompt replies has increased by 44% a year, and the use of chatbots has been proven a good strategy. 

The truth is, modern shoppers are a lot happier with the convenience and ease of purchasing a product via chatbot. This means chatbots can help to streamline the sales process, shorten sales cycles, and even reduce headcount to create more cost-effective and efficient systems.

Optimize your eCommerce website's layout

It is crucial to review your ecommerce sites layout language and layout to find the most effective content to convert your website. When customers come to the website, you're aiming to provide them with easy access to the website, they feel natural inclined to get the product and know how. You should check what languages you display within your landing page and product page, and how they are translated and you should even check how you place icons. It may be possible using various methods of usability testing to get results. Mouseflow heatmaps reveal valuable patterns of visitor behaviour on your website.

5. Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationships management (CRM): These tools can assist eCommerce companies in coordinating customer relationships. 92% of people who had negative interactions would abandon an online retailer, so CRM is crucial for online commerce. CRM allows companies to learn customer needs and behaviours. Using these tools we can improve our relationships with our customers. CRM Market Size is estimated to be around $128 billion by the end of 2020 with a CAGR of 13%. Approximately 90% of companies with 10 or more people utilize CRM for customer interactions. List some useful CRM strategies for business.

6. Personalized Experiences

A customized experience lets users send products, suggestions, and targeted e-newsletters based on previous activities. Over 60% will become customers when they choose to purchase products from a company that offers personal service to customers. Clients expect companies to take the lead when it is necessary to recommend products. Similarly, product recommendations represent 31% of the eCommerce store revenue. If the business offers quality personalized services, customers can stay loyal with no marketing efforts required. Our Personal Experience makes clients feel valued as well as being treated.

7. Content Marketing

Although the trend hasn't changed much, content marketing can be worth it. A marketing campaign combines creative material like articles, videos and social media posts to engage, educate and answer customers' problems. What a great point! Content marketing differs, but sometimes overlaps. In contrast the two create content to establish trust while the other promotes content to attract and engage existing clients. Ecommerce websites should create better customer relationships based on the quality of their content. This will also increase the conversion rate for your site.

  • 3D Content
  • Video content
  • Social media content
  • User generated content

It is no surprise that users have increasingly been involved with content marketing as a key component. Typically this is content created by clients that is posted on one specific website. 72% believe customer reviews are credible compared with brand-wide promotional materials. Happy clients become influencers because of the recommendations they make. Using the UGC in promoting an online presence is good for customer interaction. Content displaying real customer experiences increases interaction with other clients.

8. Bespoke Subscription Programs

eCommerce subscription revenue increased in three quarters to nearly 50% over five years. It may seem obvious and easily understandable for businesses that sell goods such as BirchBox or Hello Fresh, but eCommerce businesses will benefit from it to drive sales and increase lifetime value. 

It's possible to create a subscription for any market today that attracts customers. A subscription service can help businesses plan inventory or sell products already in place. For example, you may offer monthly payment options for larger purchases a 0% interest. 

9. Influencer Marketing

Using influencer content can help you attract an audience. Influencers promote their brand and services to increase the organic reach and increase the value of their products with lower prices. The influencer marketing industry is earning $650 for each dollar invested. 60% of marketing respondents say influencer content drives more traffic to the site. 80% of customers bought a product based upon influencer recommendation. The average person with around 10,000 followers today has an advantage in this regard.

How to find industry influencers

Keep track of industry influencers and publications.

Follow blogs, TikTok, Instagram and news from your industry to stay informed. Start by locating influencers or publications specialized in your field, and you'll be able to build a list of potential influencers you'd like to target. You don't always have to invest in the influencer with 1.5 million followers. micro-influencers typically have a highly engaged audience and are a good place to start experimenting with this strategy to drive more eCommerce sales.

10. Customer Support as a Priority

Customer support is always a key element of any company. Problems with a product service may discredit potential clients; the firm should be able to provide help. Some eCommerce websites do not offer online support, which is absolutely crucial for engaging and converting consumers. In fact, 99% of US and British customers see customer service as important when completing an online purchase. Moreover, response times are critical to a successful relationship with customer services. Only 35% Americans and 25% of British shoppers want more time to wait for an answer.

Provide sales-focused support online

As your website grows, customer service inquiries regarding promotions, deliveries, and returns should go up. Your customer service team has to be geared up to meet your business needs. Support is crucial during the customer buying process. It also offers the opportunity to increase basket size upselling and cross selling and decreasing abandoning carts. Live chats for instance – when properly automated – can increase conversation rates and increase sales on the Internet.

Make the most of digital tools and analytics to assess your customers' behaviour

Get customer feedback about your eCommerce business and how you can optimize for success. Consider using several data gathering tools in order to identify consumer trends at different levels. Use these numbers for a complete overview of business trends. Does changing the trend disrupt customer behaviour in general?

11. Email marketing

A great way to communicate with your customers is through email advertising. Although email is an effective tool to make sure people receive it they have to make sure the information is relevant. Give valuable information in e-newsletters so that the message is delivered effectively. Make them your own and use them for socializing. Make sure to talk about the activities your organization does in your area of business, or events you attended.

12. Artificial Intelligence Adoption

Artificial intelligence combines computer science and human intelligence. It learns and adjusts consumer behaviour to deliver more precise and valuable results. Through adoption of AI technology companies can provide more valuable customer service and increase sales for customers. The eCommerce sector has many uses using Artificial Intelligence. Statista cites 80% personalization of products and services as the best area of application for AI, compared with 56% in Google's market research (see below).

Site search

A website search engine using artificial intelligence is used for understanding search intent and provides best-quality results. AI also makes visual searching easier for users by removing keywords from search results. 62% of millennials are interested in visual search, but only around 8% of eCommerce stores offer such features. It's a unique potential your organization has to exploit. The most common online retailer aso uses visual search to search for items using its matching styles feature. In Style Match users can upload a photograph of a product that is intended for buying.


AI-driven forecasting is gaining popularity in several industries by bringing in new technologies that improve supply and demand forecasting. ECommerce businesses can minimize the cost of unforeseen inventory runs. Qualetics is an analytics software that automates the inventory management process. Robotics are used for monitoring and replenishing stocks based upon forecasts.


AI allows for a personalized experience. Using browsing histories, the system detects and segmentes the behavior of customers. Similar to Amazon, book depository is using AI to create recommendations for the books of a user that have visited.

13. Build emotional connections

Instead of comparing products and prices, consider focusing your marketing on developing long lasting beneficial relationship between brand and customers. By establishing lasting mutually beneficial relationships, instead of A/B experimenting with everything, is a long-term solution so that selling time will be the only metric.

Clear core values

Start by establishing and maintaining the values of each of your customers and helping them reduce ShinyObject Syndrome. When a company has a clear idea of what is important to its consumers and why it has to improve it will not have any negative impact on their emotional and social relationship with their customers. Build a customized solution for each and every customer experience to empower your customers and maintain sticky relationships that bring them back over and over again.


How do people create strong emotional connections with customers? As many of us know, there must be an emphasis on representation in product marketing. If you can make your customers feel represented in your product, they are much more likely to shop with you, and stay loyal for years to come. Content creation is a major part of building those emotional connections, because your content should include imagery that appeals and represents your target consumer, otherwise they'll look elsewhere for a brand that represents their wants, needs, and desires.

Ethical and sustainable business practices

Finally, forward-looking eCommerce brands are using ethical and sustainable practices to help the environment and their culture through the design process and development process. Sometimes that means you must slow down in order to maintain growth.

Consumers have become more conscious of environmental issues. The consumer is now more aware about what products he purchases, their effects on the environment as well as their associated effects. According to a survey, 45% of respondents wanted sustainability in fashion. Some businesses have started using recyclable materials in their marketing campaigns and have adopted paperless packaging.

Live Furnish, also makes it possible to eliminate waste on physical prototypes, samples, travel, and more. Your eCommerce business will eventually go faster, and be more sustainable by going completely digital with your output.

14. Think Mobile-First

Mobile shopping is an important tool for consumers today. In case eCommerce is not responsive to mobile devices or apps you will miss a lot. Shoppers who use smartphones want convenience and also a digital payment option. Many customers have moved away from the desktop to the smartphone to complete their customer journey. Today many people are searching for product options online first before purchasing it. If you don't optimize your online store on cellular devices, you could lose your online business!

How to optimize your eCommerce strategy for mobile?

How do I start my own online store? Apps are beneficial to users because they provide more interaction as well as more conversions through push notifications. This gives you the opportunity to send direct messages to your customers. Is it possible to add live chats in your app? Can a customer make in-app purchases? Integration into a mobile messaging system.

The volume of voice searches will increase

More people are now using smartphones to do everyday tasks with voice assistants instead of just listening to music. Approximately 75 per cent of Americans will have an electronic speaker by 2025. With smart home devices becoming increasingly common, more people can search by voice search and order their own groceries. With Voice Search becoming popular, e-shop businesses can gain a huge advantage. David Zimmerman, head of eCommerce Solutions at Kensium, cited upcoming tech trends as one of them.

More ways to pay

Customers need specific payment methods but can cancel an e-commerce transaction in the event that the buyer is not paying what they want. Offering many payment options can improve cellular conversion rates. If a customer saves his or her credit card details on your website, they can checkout even faster. 

15. Experiment with the Metaverse

Tell me the easiest method for creating a memorable customer experience? Your limit is your imagination. Another way to build a metaverse shop experience is by introducing external elements into your retail stores. You want to create a shopping experience which goes beyond the online shopping environment we currently have. Experiences that are engaging online and provide unrelenting metaverse experience that exceeds customer expectation and increases profits and revenues.

Augmented reality enhances the reality of online shopping

The AR revolutionised e-commerce dramatically in recent years. Using this technology, buyers are able to clearly understand their items and make buying decisions faster. AR really alters the shopping process within certain industries, like fashion or home decor, because customers can see the item more clearly in-person. Gartner predicts that 100 million consumers will shop using AR by 2020. Michael Prusich is Director of Business Development at 1 Digital Agency. He agreed to this statement:

Headless and API-driven eCommerce allow continued innovation

Headless Commerce provides enabling online e-commerce stores with a completely separate frontend presentation. More online retailers have adopted the headless platform thanks to its flexible backend, as well as SEO, Content Marketing and Digital Experience. The headless ecommerce solution gives us greater control over our product and the customer journey through the checkout process. We needed to address multiple region problems and it allowed us to re-use all of our products.

3D Visualization makes a Metaverse Shopping Experience

This immersive environment allows customers the opportunity to use their products and place them inside their own room in a specific dimension. The photo realistic 3D graphics of the company provide an unforgettable shopping experience for your customers.

Weighing your options: Determining what strategies make sense for your business

Some trends can be jumped on, but do you believe they deserve time or effort? Some can provide huge value-added benefits, but others don't connect to the specific target audience for your product or service, or are too costly in implementation to sustain an effective ROI. How do I know what trends fit with me? It takes several steps to determine market trends in B2B business.