September 06, 2022

5 Ways 3D Content Can Enhance Your Brand

Nicolina Savelli

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” We’ve heard the adage a million times, but times change, and so has the way consumers engage with pictures. Today, static 2D images are no longer adequate to fully capture the attention of prospective customers with brands all around the world experiencing a shift in buyer behaviours that demand more high quality, tangible imagery. So, how can they adapt? One important tactic is to leverage 3D production platforms to create stunning, photorealistic images.  

Specifically, Live Furnish has created a platform that makes it possible for the furniture and home furnishings industry to meet the ever-growing need for consistent HQ content at a rapid pace. Industry professionals, including manufacturers and designers can readily convey meaning and make photos come to life with details that practically lift off the page.

Here’s a quick list of ways 3D content created using the Live Furnish platform can enhance your brand and drive more value.

  • 1. Elevate the customer experience
  • 2. Customize products with 360° views and limitless style and design choices
  • 3. Go to market faster
  • 4. Maintain a cohesive brand identity
  • 5. Support marketing teams and drive results


1. Elevate the customer experience

3D content can inspire customers to interact more with designs and help contribute to making a buying decision. The ability to instantly swap colors, textures, and visualize products in familiar locations has been proven to enhance sensory perception. The more engaged your customer is with your product can have a direct impact on purchasing decisions and result in higher sales.

Live Furnish gives brands the ability to leverage configurators, which pre visitors with the option to instantly see changes come alive, much like in the gif displayed below. Customers no longer make purchases blindly, they can fully grasp how different textiles and patterns will look on your product, which makes large online purchases for furniture a more attractive option.

Elevate the customer experience Elevate the customer experience

2. Customize products with 360° views and limitless style and design choices

Customers have the ability to view products from every angle in the highest quality. You can now change or modify images to capture the essence and detail of your design or prototype from every angle. For instance, show your product reclining or in an upright position to fully capture its functionality and how the product moves and looks. Live Furnish allows users to easily explore and visualize offerings in great detail, examining each design and style element before making a purchase decision.

Expanding table Expanding table

3. Go to market faster

Who doesn’t want to get their products on the market faster? Traditionally, in order to effectively market furniture and home furnishings, you’d need to create a live prototype and have a sample before you go to market. But what if there’s no market demand for this, or perhaps specific colors, patterns and styles are much more popular than others? Rather than waste time and money on manufacturing your furnishings before you understand what the market wants, you can now produce those concepts virtually. 

The Live Furnish platform makes it possible to help home furnishings brands in the B2B and B2C spaces the ability to test products through rapid prototyping, so they can scale and market items with greater confidence, and sell faster than ever.

Rapid prototyping Rapid prototyping

4. Maintain a cohesive brand identity

As a business in the home furnishings industry, it is essential to establish a strong visual brand identity that is flexible enough to grow with your business, distinguish you from your competitors, all the while cutting down on photography costs. Incorporating Live Furnish’s 3D content creation software into an online home furnishings portfolio will create a strong visual presence and build an aesthetic distinct to your business.

By leveraging 3D content you can ensure your brand is always consistent, no matter who is doing the creating. By incorporating the colors, lighting, and set designs that reflect your brand guide, and repurposing them throughout your 3D photography will differentiate from competitors. No need to stress over hiring the same photographer, building sets, or ensuring lighting is just right each time. You can now create content that mirrors your visual brand, each and every time.

Changing designs Changing designs

5. Support marketing teams and drive results

3D creation software like Live Furnish have become an integral part of marketing visual content for the home furnishings industry for a number of reasons:

  • 3D production makes it easier for marketers, advertisers, and content producers to invite audiences to interact with furnishings in unique ways.
  • Audiences can see images and products more precisely, manipulate their choices with ease, visualize furnishings within multiple backgrounds and spaces, all of which can ultimately contribute to a buying decision.
  • 3D image production platforms also enable businesses to generate, change, and mass produce high-quality images for website, social, and online portfolios quickly, within budget and at scale, while also cutting down on the wastefulness of producing multiple samples.
  • From lifestyle settings to product renderings, Live Furnish enables users to experience the intricacies of a product displayed in the showroom or home, leading to greater return on investment and marketing efforts. And all of this can be done without having to snap a single picture! 

Enhancing your brand with content using Live Furnish

Live Furnish’s 3D content creation platform allows home furnishings professionals to create their own stunning, photorealistic images in minutes. A flat image on the computer screen starts to tell the story, but Life Furnish’s technology uses photorealistic imagery that brings depth and complexity to an image, creating beautiful results that are indistinguishable from traditional photography.

Live Furnish allows home furnishings professionals to create a photorealistic image from a product image or design from your laptop or choose from thousands of items within the Live Furnish photo library. From here, Live Furnish technology allows you to create and display textiles, home furnishings, accessories and more at a deeper level – with no professional 3D experience required.