September 09, 2022

8 Reasons Why You Need A 3D Content Creation Platform | Live Furnish

Nicolina Savelli

According to Forbes, 74% of global retail and consumer brand professionals project the eCommerce market to expand by one trillion dollars in the next four years – meaning companies need to have an all in one platform that provides them an eCommerce advantage.

Live Furnish’s 3D content production platform does exactly that. It is able to create photorealistic imagery, give your clients an accessible 3D experience, all while saving on prototyping and photography costs. The best part is, you don’t have to be a 3D guru or a software engineer to make this happen for your home furnishings business. Live Furnish’s 3D content production platform is simple to use, no design experience required. 

But what are the benefits of a 3D content creation platform? How can it truly serve you and your business. Let's unpack some of the major use cases for 3D content creation and how a holistic platform makes it easy to launch a high performing 3D content strategy. There are 8 main points to consider:

  • 1. Create rapid digital prototypes
  • 2. Go to market faster than ever
  • 3. Save time & money
  • 4. Boost buyer confidence
  • 5. Optimize eCommerce
  • 6. Align all departments
  • 7. Improve sustainability
  • 8. Increase sales and profits

Let's explore how 3D content creation is impacting all of these important facets of your business.

1. Rapid Prototyping

Using Live Furnish’s 3D content production platform multiple iterations of designs can be created during a short period of time. The prototypes of home furnishings can be built using the 3D image production platform.

Manufacturers can put prototypes on the market before they have made very expensive samples. Potential customers can then interact with the prototype by changing the fabric, size, dimensions, backgrounds, setting, lighting, etc. to see if they would like to place an order for the product. If the traffic online and demand for the prototype is high, and the orders are within margin, then manufacturing can begin. If not, then thousands of dollars have not been lost on building expensive tangible products, when sales would not have merited the cost.

Keeping the end sales numbers in mind and seeing if those numbers are obtainable by utilizing rapid prototyping provides numerous benefits, from cost savings, to validating spending, to testing designs prior to physical production, to saving time and money - all in a short period of time and all easily done. 

2. Go to market faster

Live Furnish is a self-provisioning software solution with a do it yourself platform. The platform is easily manipulated and mastered to allow clients to create their own brand standards. Clients can also access brand files directly from their computers. They also have a creative companion program. Their team will collaborate with customers to provide live training and support to creative teams as they learn the platform’s in and outs until they ultimately feel comfortable using the platform for all of its full value. LiveFurnish also has a vast photo library where clients can select from accessories, props, rugs, side tables, lighting, window treatments, wall colors - in order to virtually design a space to best showcase their home furnishings. 

With the increase of eCommerce and digital media, Live Furnish’s 3D content production platform provides you with the rapid prototyping, imagery flexibility, and ease of use, to stay competitive. 

3. Save time & money

For anyone who requires photography to communicate and sell, you know just how time consuming, expensive, and exhausting the process is. You can achieve equal, if not greater results through 3D content creation as traditional studio photography in 70% less time and for 80% less money than it takes to produce quality 2D content. 3D content eliminates a number of time consuming processes such as:

  • Booking studio time
  • Hiring a photographer
  • Manufacturing a physical product
  • Lighting and staging

Retouching and editing, and much more
All of the points mentioned above cost money as well, therefore you can effectively eliminate the astronomical costs of studio photography and create stunning 3D imagery in minutes instead of months for a quarter of the price.

4. Optimize eCommerce

3D content production platforms meet today’s eCommerce demand for interactive videos, room scenes, animation videos, imagery for silhouettes, lifestyle imagery, and beautiful content across your website, and eCommerce platforms, with quality, always accessible images. 

Photorealistic 3D content improves product views by up to 362%, doubles your conversions, and profits, and makes updating your websites and eCommerce shopping channels a breeze, with 3D content that is fully controlled and created in-house.

With Live Furnish, you can update your corporate site, Wayfair, Amazon, Target and any channel with the content you need to be indexed and showcased to compete and win new customers.

5. Boost buyer confidence

Through 3D visualization software, such as VR, AR, and Configurators, allowing customers to easily customize products and see them in real-time, increases buyer confidence, leads to greater customer satisfaction, and lowers returns. Additionally, with 3D content creation, it's possible to showcase products in lifestyle scenes that give buyers a better understanding of how a particular item will look in their own home. The ability to quickly create stunning imagery with thousands of templates, props, and customizations empowers you to tell your story and allows customers to better understand the product and remove any doubts about buying. 

Whether your clients are retailers, or you're a D2C brand, a 3D content creation platform arms your team with the ability to truly bring your products to life.

configurator configurator

6. Align all departments

From marketing, new product development (NPD), photography, sales, CGI managers, eCommerce, and IT, a 3D content creation platform like Live Furnish addresses the needs of all departments at once.


Marketers are responsible for brands, brand content, messaging, positioning, website content, product imagery, marketing collateral, e-commerce, and everything customers, partners, and channels see. The demand for content is high and never-ending. A 3D content creation platform like Live Furnish, produces content faster than anything else on the market.

You can now showcase your product lines using silhouettes, vignettes, lifestyle shots, videos, and Augmented Reality, and use powerful 3D Configurators for customizations such as dimensions, fabrics, footings, and more. Truly, 3D content is every D2C marketers dream.

New Product Development (NPD)

Forget drawing, designing, and building new product prototypes by hand and commuting to factories for samples. NPD can now go to market faster, create prototypes in hours and get pre-sales before building anything physical with 3D content creation.

How? You can simple take your CAD designs and convert them into realistic 3D imagery that communicates what you want to bring to market without unnecessary travel to visit manufacturing plants or customer offices.

Plus, you can quickly and easily share your designs securely, increasing speed to market, while also reducing sample costs and unnecessary waste.


Photographers understand the industry is evolving, and many are willing to harness 3D content creation to serve their customers and clients better. Photographers have a sharp eye and immediately grasp the power and efficiencies of 3D software over physical room scenes and staging.

Live Furnish works with many former professional photographers that were tired of waiting for products to be delivered, staging scenes, painting backgrounds, and working to get the lighting just right. They see it no longer takes days, weeks, or more to produce a beautiful product and lifestyle shot, and can be done in just hours or minutes.

3D content creation is not making the photography business extinct, in fact, photography skills makes 3D content creation that much easier and faster to achieve, and when your clients are happy with the results, you can still earn a living while getting time back.


The best sales professionals are powered by presentations that showcase products using eye-catching lifestyle shots that look better in 3D than in the default world.

When you communicate your product line on an iPad or laptop instead of lugging around bags of samples or shipping physical products to customers, you're doing yourself and your business a favour. By creating stunning digital presentations you save yourself the time and energy it takes to go meet with customers in person, you boost buyer confidence with vivid imagery, shorten the sales cycle, and exceed revenue targets with 3D content that is proven to outperform studio photography.

CGI Manager

CGI professionals already know the power of 3D and what it can take to create photorealistic images and renderings that don’t look like they come from minecraft.

With Live Furnish as part of your tool set you can now create 3D silhouettes, lifestyle shots, videos, 360 spins and product configurators with endless options in a fraction of the time and cost of other CGI software solutions and services.


3D content creation makes IT departments happy by integrating seamlessly with internal tech stacks (ERP, CRM, DAM, cloud storage). You can easily get your 3D user or teams running with the Live Furnish 3D content platform without any heavily lifting.

IT departments instantly recognize how an all in one platform brings overall business efficiencies across sales, marketing, e-commerce, and merchandising. Plus, it streamlines and automates manual tasks that typically take months, in a matter of minutes!


Over the last few years, the pandemic ushered in a new era in the home furnishings industry: online shopping. Photorealistic, visually powerful 3D content impacts product views, clicks, conversions, and profits. By leveraging 3D content creation you can quickly update your websites and e-commerce shopping channels with imagery that helps your products sell faster.

Plus, you can update your corporate site, Wayfair, Amazon, Target and even social, with the content you need to be properly indexed and visible to drive sales. 

7. Improve sustainability

Today, being conscious of the environment and reducing wastefulness is top of mind for any furniture and home furnishings business. In fact, according to a McKinsey & Company podcast, "Prioritizing sustainability in the consumer sector," 65 percent of global GDP is now under a 2050 net-zero commitment—that means 65 percent of the world economy is committed to becoming carbon neutral. That being said, analysts are more confident than ever that sustainability is not only here to stay, but is fundamentally changing the way we think about consumption.

That's why 3D content is becoming more critical than ever. When leveraging a 3D content creation platform like Like Furnish, you are digitizing your imagery, your products, and samples, thus, reducing physical samples, and eliminating the waste that comes along with it. This is the most effective way for manufacturers to produce en masse, while staying environmentally sound.

8. Increase sales and profits

It's clear that across every industry and department, the ultimate achievement of a 3D content creation platform like Live Furnish is increasing sales and profits. Competition is fierce and at the end of the day, buyers value appearance over everything when they make a purchase. 3D content ensures that every piece of content you create is visually appealing, engaging, and increases consumer confidence, resulting in more sales. As consumers spending tightens, it is more imperative than ever to ensure your visual content is cost effective and delivers the results you need to hit your targets. And the best part is, you can start creating right now.