September 06, 2022

Product Visualization Software: Your New Secret Weapon

Nicolina Savelli

Imagine: You're interested in buying a new sofa. You walk in the retail store, and the sales associate shows you a floor model, demonstrates the various functions you can choose to purchase, and gives you a catalog with hundreds of color swatches, fabrics, and finishes. How do you decide? Without the visual images, you can't really know what you're buying.

The same applies to online shopping, and eCommerce channels. If all you offer customers are a handful of images with the same fabrics, colors, and finishes, it's difficult to convert that customer into a confident buyer, especially when purchasing expensive furniture that is intended to last for years, sometimes decades. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the visualization of products is rapidly emerging as part of eCommerce.

What is Product Visualization?

Product visualization software creates images in a highly detailed photorealistic rendering that are effective and engaging, and most importantly a visual product configurator can help you sell your products online.

Visualizing products is an application that combines visual communication with images and rendering. Currently many businesses do this by providing visual product configurations for a website.

Using 3D software to visualize a product, it creates a 3-dimensional model. Three-dimensional models offer compelling visuals showing product more impressively than just text-based descriptions of the product.

Textile-11-Color-Change Textile-11-Color-Change

Why you Need Product Visualization for eCommerce

Imagine: You're interested in buying customized bikes. The dealer will take you through various models, demonstrate the various functions you can choose to purchase, and view different paint colors. And you want the best possible information when you buy before you buy. Without the visual images, you can't really know what you've bought. The same applies to other things besides the simple purchase of cars and trucks. The internet is becoming more commonplace as consumers look to Amazon for products, information, and shopping.

1. Safety and confidence

Online shopping can be done easily and quickly. The problem with eCommerce has to do with customers not knowing exactly what they're getting from the store when making a purchase. If a customer has a doubt that their goods will be available to them, a retail outlet will come in and take the business for it. Product visualization software removes the doubt, providing customers with an accurate understanding of the goods and delivery so they are not disappointed. It gives customers the freedom to use their shopping online with a little bit of comfort.

2. Customizability

Give customers a chance to understand what you're offering. It is available for a variety of products and enables you to configure products in 3D with a variety of configuration options. Once you have a model you'll have no boundaries! Product visualization like the Live Furnish 3D Configurators software allows your clients to create high quality products based on the requirements in real time. The software will let users change the colors and textures in a quick and simple way — and even change the fabric and fabrics. Plus, our configurator updates in real-time, allowing for accurate changes in the product's appearance.

Furthermore, if a customer makes a customization that is not possible to deliver or execute, the configurator will not allow the customization to be made, reducing errors, allowing you to manage the functionality of the product visualizer by controlling the level of customization you would want to offer. And you can always update, remove, or add new customizations over time.


3. Customer experience

Orders made through visual product configurators are more likely to meet or exceed customer expectations, resulting in an increase in order accuracy and a decrease in costly returns. Why is that? Well, through visual configurations, your customers' have a clear look at what they're ordering, increasing the chance that they will be satisfied with their purchase. AR will lead to happier customers, more sales, less disappointments and less returns. And because 64.8% of manufacturing shipments are from e-commerce orders, product visualization software is a must-have for any business that wants to succeed in today's digital landscape. So, not only does product visualization educate your customers more than text, but it also improves the online ordering experience.

4. Customer satisfaction

In the age of Amazon and an on-demand economy, customers are increasingly turning to the web to get information, see products, and make purchases. If you want to meet those expectations, your online ordering experience needs to be top-notch. One way both retailers, manufacturers, and distributors of customizable products can stand out and create a memorable online customer experience is through product visualization.

5. Speed to market

3D models are normally the first stage of developing and testing the prototype. Sometimes it makes sense to start obtaining orders for the product (or advertise on the product) after they become available. The best way to improve online advertising and production skills is through 3D modelling. Even if you don't take orders immediately when production starts, you can put all the ducks in one row.

Selling complex configurable products has never been so easy. Manage users, products, and workflows on one platform for speed and simplicity. Visualize Products in 2D, 3D, and AR. Let your customers and internal teams interact with your products in real-time. Provide a fully immersive experience on any device.

6. Greater details

When you sell a physical product where individual parts are an important selling feature, your customers can explode the picture and display detailed renderings of the parts. It helps you to expand product visualizations with ease. High fidelity renderings let buyers zoom in to the details that matter most to them without sacrificing visual quality. "Today's consumer expects so much more from brands. 3D Visualization let's marketers answer the call in a much smarter way than with the tools of the past."

silo rug 2

7. Increase sales

If you're selling, say, a desk chair as well as a desk, you can use 3D visualization software to see what different chairs and desks look like side by side. This can increase the average order value if you do it right. Buyer's get a full view of your product, just as if it were in front of them. They're Faster Visual confirmation of what they're getting gives buyers confidence. They say confident buyers buy. They buy more. They buy more frequently. So, if you want more sales, 3D product visualization is a key strategy. 3D Product Visualization Makes for Great Advertising 3D display ads have been shown to drive 3 times more engagement than regular ads.

8. Augmented Reality and the Metaverse

Augmented Reality (AR) is used for furniture selling online. Likewise, if we sell sofas, customers can check how it looks in their own room prior to placing an order, so they can learn about their room's functions before making a buying decision. But does AR really work? One study found 71% of buyers are more secure in making purchases based on AR tools. For example:

Screen Shot 2022-07-20 at 3.49.55 PM Screen Shot 2022-07-20 at 3.49.55 PM

Remove all Doubts with 3D Product Visualization Software

The new norm expects an online shopping experience that allows customers to design and purchase products online without ever leaving their home. Moving to online product rendering and purchasing should not be caused by sacrificing the 3-dimensional shopping experience. The longer your customer stays engaged with your website, the more likely they are to purchase your product. 3D product configurators empower customers to customize and create versions of the products they want to buy.

Live Furnish provides a dazzling user experience in a configurable 3D design, not limited by shape or style. By configuring sizes, shapes, colors, fabrics, footings, and more, all while getting the metadata you need to quickly produce an order, you easily improve product page views, purchase conversion rates, and reduce returns.